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Experi(Sci)ence Arts
For Age 4 & 6 Years
Every child is a scientist by birth. She has an inherent ability to learn through experimentation. They learn new terms everyday by observing us use them in different situations. Similarly they can learn the meaning of a scientific term by observing and doing an activity related to the phenomenon. Eventhough they have a very less attention span whatever they register in their mind becomes a part of their memory.
Fun With Science
For Age 7 & 9 Years
Children learn the most by observing and imitating adults. If their observation skills are nurtured at this age, they can learn how not to be afraid of the unknown and thus become keen to explore. For this age group our activities are designed specifically to improve the observation skills of the children, the first step to learning the scientific attitude.
Young Scientists
For Age 10 & 11 Years
Once children learn to observe, it becomes very important that they have the confidence of carrying forward their idea. Instead of passively observing things, they need to explore. Our activities for this group are based on enhancing their creative problem solving skills by providing them a suitable environment that encourages them to explore and find their own solutions, thus building self esteem.
Science Explorers
For Age 12 & 14 Years
Students tend to rote learn scientific principles and phenomenon ignoring the beauty of exploring those by themselves. Rote learning makes children think that science is not interesting and the actual concept and its application in real life situations is lost. For this age group, our activities are designed in a way so as to enhance their understanding of the principle, and explore new possible applications of it to real life.
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